A Golf Cart Rental for a Group Outing

Renting a golf cart will provide a safe and viable way to transport you and others throughout a golf course or another venue. A golf cart will supply everyone in your party with comfort and adequate storage space. Consider your proposed outing and what you will need a cart to include, prior to securing a rental.

The Party Size and the Fuel Type

Standard golf cart types include two-seat models, four-seat models, and four-seat models with a rear-facing bench seat. A rental outfitter may stipulate the maximum weight load and passenger size that will be suitable for each cart that can be leased. Gas and electric-powered vehicles may be featured through a rental establishment. Consider all of the people who could potentially participate in your next public outing. Include the people who may/may not attend the event.

Supplying a reasonable figure that correlates to the actual amount of people who could possibly attend the outing with you will ensure that none of your group members are without a seat within a golf cart. Even if you provide a rental outfitter with an estimate that is somewhat higher than what you initially anticipated, you will be supplied with enough vehicles for the remaining activity participants and will have extra room onboard for each person to store the gear that they are bringing along with them. 

The Extras

A basic golf cart will come equipped with a frame, an engine, wheels, and a seating area. Some golf cart models come with more luxurious and functional features than a standard model. A rental outfitter may advertise golf carts that come with canopies, operational headlights, interior lighting, and extended cargo space. The needs of all the people who are going to be attending a social event with you should be considered.

Additionally, the time of the season that you will be using a golf cart in and the time of the day of an event should be considered. If an outdoor event could possibly involve dealing with both sunny and rainy conditions or darkness, a golf cart rental that includes a canopy and headlamps should be secured.

A cart that contains upgraded features may cost more than a basic cart rental. In spite of this, having a more accommodating cart/carts at your and your group's disposal will ensure that you and the others do not need to be subjected to weather disturbances or safety issues that involve not being able to see when it is dark.